Radiah Rhodes PMP, CPC - Innovator, Designer, Engineer, Coach and Project Manager.

You can see the vision, you can even feel it. You see your innovation out in the world, you are super passionate and cannot stop dreaming or talking about it...

YET you can't seem to BRING YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE!

What's missing?  

The answer is... INTENTION.

Without getting too deep, let me tell you that your ideas are only seeds.

It is actually the intention you have (or don't have) that nurtures your ideas to grow and fully bear fruit. In truth, it is your ideas combined with strategy, intention and execution that breaks the start-stop cycle ! 


 Your Blueprint will layout your

core INNOVATION strategy true INTENTION roadmap and an executable ACTION plan. 

Then we'll work together to incubate and accelerate your ideas into reality. 

Whether we're blueprinting a brand, a new idea, a product, or a full innovation program; it is your intention that makes it real.


As a designer, engineer, intention coach and project manager; my role is to chart your clear pathway and raise your intention to the level that finally brings results!

If you're really ready to jumpstart and fuel your intention to finally bring your passion to life?

My Latest Passions...

Evók Life by Design


Evók is a transformational training and consulting company.  We design experiences to expand your professional or personal creativity, capacity and energy to lead and live with passion and vitality. We create the most powerful programs and products on the planet!

Smart Pressed Juice


Smart Pressed Juice is raw, organic and cold pressed juice made from dehydrating whole fruits and vegetables at the height of their nutrients.  Join our guided cleanse program with the most potent and affordable juices on the market!

The Wonder of Women


The Wonder of Women is a movement created to inspire women to find their voice, stand in their truth and confidently celebrate their wonder by telling their story. WOW creates sacred spaces and experiences of love, light, and liberation for all women!

“In just one laser session with Radiah I discovered my own belief that I needed to be an expert to succeed in a new space. I gave myself permission that was freeing, made some choices and never looked back!”
-K. Evans