How does your business innovate and why?  Who leads your innovation process and do you have a process that's inspiring and effective?  It can be a struggle to be both creative and consistent in a way that delivers relevant, timely, compelling and profitable innovation to market.

Let's collaborate to design and elevate your innovation program with a process that excites and inspires your best people to create products your clients and consumers love.

INTENTION COACHING: Three 90 Minute Strategy Sessions + Eight 45 Minute Design Sessions

INNOVATION BLUEPRINT includes full definition of intentions, strategies, metrics, organizational structure, process design and portfolio and project management systems.




You're a "renaissance" (wo)man or serial entrepreneur. You have a million thoughts and ideas swirling around in your head but haven't landed on one long enough to get traction.  You start...and inevitably you stop short of the finish line.  

You want clarity, focus and momentum so you can breath life into your idea.  Let's get your idea rooted and then incubate and accelerate it's growth. 

INTENTION COACHING: One 45 Minute Grounding Session + Two 45 Minute Intention Sessions

IDEA BLUEPRINT includes your core concept, target audience need, unique solution and 2-3 strategies with test and launch schedule.


You've been defining and redefining your brand trying to capture the essence of what you want to convey.  Maybe you're on your second or third round of color palettes or websites and something is still missing.  In today's world of "Personal Branding" the line between you and your brand can easily become grey.

In my view you are a being, not a brand. You may have a brand but you are not one. Distinguishing you as a human being who is unlimited and undefinable from your brand actually opens up your world to clearly see who you're serving and what you have to give so you can powerfully define it, design it and create it.

INTENTION COACHING: One 90 minute Exploratory Session + Three 45 Minute Design Sessions

BRAND BLUEPRINT includes definition of mission, vision, target audience, point of difference, positioning, visual identity, features + benefits.




We know the value of having a product, we see it across shelves everywhere daily.  Products are not only a way to expand the impact of what you offer but it is a tangible way to see your vision and services make a difference and impact more people. 

Your business can go from surviving to thriving by developing products your clients can't resist.  What started as an idea struggling to live becomes a product with a life of it's own. It's time to create your product. 

INTENTION COACHING: One 90 minute Exploratory Session + Four 45 Minute Design Sessions

PRODUCT BLUEPRINT includes details on scope, pricing, target audience, benefits, features, project plan including supply chain and distribution strategies.